Sammy Veal and Donna Cee’s musical ventures are far from the only reason that set them apart from most. Donna gave birth to Sammy when she was only 16 years of age. From there life was not an easy course. They experienced many hardships such as going without virtually everything needed to survive. At times, even a place to live. “We didn’t get down on ourselves because of what we experienced. Instead we took it as a lesson and learned from it. In turn, we have a real soft spot in our hearts for people that are trying to do better for themselves but do not necessarily have the resources. We truly understand that life can sometimes hand you lemons. Our goal is to show you how lemonade can be made by just a bit of will and hard work! “389239_10100226663029264_1196136523_n

The whole concept behind like mother like son is based on love and giving back to the world. We genuinely believe if you give love you will get love! Our decision to donate a portion of our proceeds to the “Super Mario Foundation” which funds scholarships for deserving students to college and multiple projects in the community for the youth, was a no brainer. It’s a win win for everyone. When an album is purchased, a portion of the proceeds automatically goes into that fund. Every semester we will award scholarships to a deserving applicant. We will fund sports camps for under privileged children who can’t afford to pay for it. We will continue to have our back to school drive where we give free supplies, haircuts for boys and hairstyles for girls (3-18). We will also participate in our annual thanksgiving give aways and our annual Christmas toy drive! In essence, by supporting us you’re supporting so much more! This one purchase could possibly help change someone’s life in more ways than one. We just thank you in advance!

Sammy Veal and Donna Cee






‘Tis the season… Kryptonite Records is back with our 6th Annual Christmas Toy Drive!!!!! I can’t believe how far we’ve come and how much we’ve done to help another! As you may know, we started adopting kids to make a christmas for while supporting other charities like “Cherrie on Top” and “Christ Guide Ministries” in their Christmas programs… our goal this year is a healthy one but one very attainable! Please keep the holiday cheer in your giving hearts and help us help someone else! For your generous contribution, we at Kryptonite Records would like to give you our 2014 edition Christmas CD! I, like a lot of you personally know what it’s like to not have and if we can prevent people from having to feel that on Christmas then I believe we will continue to be blessed beyond the highest measures! Thank you in advance and I love you all from the bottom of my heart! You all are the core of what’s to come…I can’t express how much I appreciate that! – Sammy Veal


A Silent 'Nite 2014

Kryptonite Records 6th Annual Toy Drive