The Biography of Sammy Veal and Donna Cee

What you are now witnessing is the epitome of history in the making. Truly a blessing, no longer suffering or stressing, the world’s first mother-son hip-hop duo is proving to be the salvation of the world when salvation is exactly what the world needs. Comprised of two intertwined and intriguing narratives of determination prevailing over downfall, Sammy Veal and Donna Cee embark upon a voyage of victory with their first duo album, Like Mother Like Son.

DonnaMulti-talented and prophetic, Donna Cee is a woman of compassion and resiliency. Though riddled with many trials and tribulations early in life, faith remained a constant element of strength and security for this gifted and gracious woman. As a young lady, Donna Cee enjoyed acting in school plays, performing with her dance troupe, and DJ-ing for local hot spots in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Born in Waco, Texas, Donna was in passionate pursuit of
using all of her God-given talents to make it to the top. But a calling from God and an unplanned pregnancy at age 16 nearly deterred her vision and detoured away from a path full of promise. After suffering many years of abuse at the hands of an inconsiderate and unapologetic husband, she revisited to her roots and returned to her passions, this time with her family in tow and her eyes fixed on The Lord. Obstacles continued to appear, but Donna Cee persevered, giving her life to God, her family, and her purpose. Two solo albums, two published books, and several plays and philanthropic causes later, Donna Cee is one of the most prolific prophetesses to ever grace the presence of the Christian hip-hop arena.

SammyWise beyond his years, Donna’s son, Sammy Veal, is a modern-day prophet, with an impeccable gift of storytelling. With the ability to document his most precious and most painful moments of life through his music, Sammy blesses the world with his honesty, his openness, and his willingness to divulge the inner depths of his soul.
What he brings to the rap game isn’t stereotypical to the genre, but is instead proof of a true calling to encourage others to ascend, accomplish, and achieve. His love for all
mankind gives him the humility to share even the most tragic trials he’s faced. Yet, through the challenges of love and lost, losing a son, and subsequently raising a young man as a single father, the reward of success is so much greater. Sammy Veal shares his appreciation and his vest for life in a musical journey of candid and conscious examination of life’s complexities and idiosyncrasies. With two previously released solo albums, a multitude of features, and an independent record label stockpiled with an assortment of young talent, Sammy Veal is just scratching the surface of the potential he possesses. A man of God, father, entrepreneur, producer, mentor, actor, musician, director, and humanitarian, Sammy’s extensive list of accolades continues to grow with the most recent addition of author for the upcoming self-help book, A Lady Always Wins.

Sammy - LMLS SHoot 236

Together, Sammy Veal and Donna Cee represent a refreshing change in hip-hop, the
opportunity to transcend beyond the normalcy of drug-ridden lyrics, degrading anthems, and superficial pursuits for fame. This mother and son duo offers a dose of realistic optimism, wrapped in an organic package of positivity, love, and encouragement. The music created is much more than just words of wisdom or parables to live by. It is meant to be experience, a journey, the story of the pair’s struggles and successes, and a beacon of hope to all those within earshot. While Sammy Veal speaks to your heart, Donna Cee ministers to your soul, and the resulting experience comforts, soothes, embraces, and inspires all within their presence. Relish in this moment as history is made as the first ever mother and son hip-hop duo release Like Mother Like Son.